“In the blink of an eye” is the title of the photographic project that documents our campaign of collective artivism.
The average duration for a single blink of a human eye is 100 milliseconds, according to the Harvard Database of Useful Biological Numbers..In this inFinitesimal time, 220 non-human individuals are swept away by our food madness.For this reason, 220 people decided to stop the time of the slaughter on their skin, getting one or more Xs tattooed and "putting" their face.
Secondo l'Harvard Database of Useful Biological Numbers un nostro battito di ciglia dura circa 100 millisecondi. In questo tempo infinitesimale 220 persone-non-umane vengono spazzate via dalla nostra follia alimentare. Per questo motivo 220 persone-umane hanno deciso di fermare sulla propria pelle il tempo del massacro, facendosi tatuare una o più
A project in collaboration with Alfredo Meschi 

During all the events we attended participates, more than 220 people decided to get an X tattoo, HERE you can see all of them as a thumbnails